About Us

We sell fresh, premium quality, certified Noble Kava from Savusavu Fiji. We are committed to selling only high-quality, Noble Kava products, made from kava root, sourced directly from small farmers throughout the Fiji Islands, to ensure freshness and quality.


Viti Kava began in 2021 with a simple mission, to create great tasting and effective Noble kava products to help people relax more naturally.
Polu Chan, founder and owner of Viti Kava grew up in the Fiji Islands during his youth. He has been drinking kava and researching the history, cultural traditions, science and beneficial properties of the plant for over 5 years.

Viti Kava has established connections with Kava growers and highly experienced kava processors with over 30 years experience in the trade. Our partners help to source the best quality kava from Fiji to bring to the Australian market.  Our collaboration with the Kava farmers ensures fresh product is readily available and kava is processed according to FDA certified standards.

Our vision is to grow the kava drinking community in Australia and to provide a safe and healthy market for our premium kava products at affordable prices.


Quality First

Quality kava is the first objective of Viti Kava. We buy fresh kava roots from farmers, which is then triple washed and sun dried. Then processed and packaged for export. Processing and packaging follows FDA standards. Furthermore before export, kava is taste tested and laboratory tested to ensure only top quality kava is sold to our Australian customers. Our high rate of repeat customers is testament to the quality of kava Viti Kava sells. 


Affordable Pricing

Value for money the kava we sell is unbeatable. Our quality of kava is among the best you can buy in Australia. Our prices is among the lowest in Australia. Be confident you are getting a good deal when you buy from Viti Kava. The large majority of our sales are from repeat customers.


Fast Shipping and Customer Service

We ship via Australian Express post for the majority of orders for one or two day transit time to the majority of Australian cities.  Our customer service representatives are on standby to answer any of your queries. Please fill our contact form or give us a call during business hours.


Fair Dealings with Farmers

The large majority of our fresh kava is purchased from small scale farms in the outskirts Savusavu town on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. We have built a relationship with these farmers over many years and we pay a fair price for the fresh yaqona roots we purchase.