Premium Kava Powder for Sale in Wagga Wagga

The kava plant, Piper methysticum, a member of the pepper family produces ground roots that are used to make the kava drink. It grows naturally in the South Pacific. You can drink kava as a beverage, a supplement, or an extract. Traditionally, the root is powdered, or ground, then soaked in water and strained to make a tea. In the South Pacific Islands, this kava tea is frequently sipped socially and during rituals and cultural traditions.

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Why buy Kava from Viti Kava?


  • Free express shipping to Wagga Wagga. Delivered in 2-3 days
  • Very cheap prices
  • Fresh, clean product and great tasting drink
  • Strong noble kava powder, high percentage of kavalactones
  • Sourced from the scenic hills of Savusavu Fiji for our Canberra customers
  • Fresh product. We receive new shipments every 4 months.
  • 100% Waka (lateral) roots only. No added lewena or kasa.
  • Grown and matured to at least 3 years for taste and high kavalactone content
  • Quality control throughout the process. Harvesting, triple washing, sun drying, pounding and packing by FDA licensed premises

Quick Method for Preparing Kava Tea in Wagga Wagga

Play Video about 1 minute kava preparation


  1. Add a few table spoons of Viti Kava powder into the strainer bag
  2. Secure the bag tightly, add water and screw the lid on
  3. Shake for a minute and pour out fresh kava tea drink
  4. Repeat for extra shots of kava

How to differentiate between high and low quality kava?

Only consume noble varieties of kava. Tu dei kava varieties result in undesirable side effects such as headaches and nausea for a couple of days.

Secondly, choose kava that is only made from the lateral roots (waka) and basal roots (lewena). Pure waka powder which is what we sell at Viti Kava has a stronger effect compared to lewena. Under no circumstances should one consume kava powder which contains stems (kasa) or leaves. Pacific Islander natives have only consumed kava made from roots for centuries without any major side effects.

Thirdly, good quality kava is fresh and cleaned well. At Viti Kava we import new batches every 4 months and our kava processor cleans and packs to FDA standards. Kava must be free of contaminants such as excessive ash, water content and insects.

Lastly the kava needs to be matured to at least 3 years. Kava lactone in kava roots is optimal when the plant is at 3 years of age.

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