Differences between Noble and Tudei Kava

noble kava plant

Most kava pundits advise to avoid tudei kava and only buy noble kava for social drinking. Is tudei kava truly so bad?

In this article, we’ll compare noble kava with tudei kava and explain why noble kava is preferable.

So we can see both sides, we’ll also present reasons why some individuals may want to try Tudei Kava.

Tudei versus Noble Kava

Chemotypes define the chemical makeup of distinct kava strains. The Kavalactone ratio of Tudei Kava is different from that of Noble Kava.

There are six primary kavalactones responsible for most of kava’s actions, each having its unique impacts.

Noble and tudei kava have various kavalactone ratios, each with a code. The numbering of kavalactones. Kava’s kavalactone content is measured and ranked from most to least plentiful.

Desmoyangonin (DMY)

Dihydrokavian (DHK)

Yangoon (Y)

Avain (K)


Synthroid (M)

So a kava strong in kavain (4) and low in DHM (5) may be coded 426315.

These codes are needed to distinguish the difference between noble and tudei kava strains from the dried, powdered root.

Comparing Noble & Tudei Kava

Noble Kava

• Popular daily-use kava

• Less side effects

High kavain content

Lower DHM

• More pricey

• Yields are lower

Tudei Kava

• Used for medicine

• Side effects are more likely

• High DHM and DHK

Cheaper than noble kava

• Crops yield much

Noble kava cultivars (strains) are slower-growing and have smaller root stocks, hence they’re more costly.

Many noble kava chemotypes exist, however strains with high kavain (4) and low DHM provide the greatest benefits (5). Best noble kavas have kava codes starting with 426, 246, or 643.

Tudei kava has a long history of usage, although for various reasons. Tudei kava was mostly employed for medical or ceremonial purposes, unlike noble kava.

These kava strains grow quicker, yield more at harvest, and some generate more kavalactone than noble strains. All this sounds nice, but there’s one snag. The kavalactone ratio of these kava strains is different than noble kavas and can cause nausea, lethargy, and headaches.

These adverse effects last a long time. Because they can endure two days, they’re called “Tudei” (pronounced two-day).


Higher doses of DHM (dihydromethysticin) and DHK (dihydrokavain) — 5 and 2 on the kava code table — cause more negative effects with this kava.

Vanuatu’s Tudei kava has the chemotype number 256431, although others have comparable kavalactone profiles.

Why Noble Kava is Better Than Tudei

As we’ve stated, most individuals like noble kava strains for their effects. Noble kava has a bigger influence on mood, is more calming, and doesn’t have as many adverse effects as tudei kava, such nausea or headaches.

Tudei Kava may also include Flavokawain B (FKB), a liver-toxic chemical. All kava contains FKB, however due to weak solubility in water, most preparations are harmless.

With some tudei strains, FKB levels are substantially greater, raising the risk of generating a brew with dangerous quantities of this chemical.

Tudei kava has long-lasting adverse effects. Due to the sluggish metabolism of DHM and DHK. TUI KAVA hangovers might last two days.

Promoting Tudei Kava

Noble kava is the preferable option for anyone wishing to utilise kava, however tudei kava may be good in the correct amount.

There’s a strong group opposed to avoiding tudei kava. As long as you don’t overdo it, tudei kava is a very nice experience and preferable than many noble kavas at inducing sleep.

Small dosages of tudei kava provide comparable effects to noble kava and are cheaper. Because tudei kava strains develop quicker than noble kava strains.

We recommend only experienced kava users try tudei. Getting the appropriate amount of kava might be the difference between a nice night’s sleep and a few days of discomfort.

Final Thoughts: Tudei vs. Noble

Noble and tudei kava are the two primary types. There are many of strains in each. The difference is kavalactones.

Noble kava is greater in kavain and lower in DHM and DHK than tudei.

The effects varies. Noble kava aids mood, anxiety, and social drinking. And it has little negative effects.

Tudei kava is a stronger sedative but might cause nausea, headaches, or lethargy that linger for days.

If you’re new to kava, try a noble strain. Tudei kava may be used safely and successfully, but you must understand the plant and its effects.

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